Memory box sample displayed here with matted 11x14'“ metal prints

About Barberries Photography

First question people ask me is "Why Barberries?" Well, this name comes from my childhood. In school everybody used to tease me calling me "Barbaris" because my last name had a similar sounding. My school friends still call me Barbaris, which I recently started to enjoy hearing as it reminds me of my childhood. My wild, free roaming, amazing childhood! So, Barberries is nothing more than my childhood nickname really.

Did you ask yourself a question why you need a photo session now? To remember your children being little? To capture those precious moments that will be long gone before you know it? To leave a legacy for next generations?

Yes, we need time to freeze! Our children grow up way too fast. Today they made their first steps, tomorrow they are in Kindergarten.

I like to call myself a story teller, a memory preserver. Your memories are safe with me and with you through the art we will create together. We will have a family photo session together and we'll flip through the pages of your beautiful heirloom album for the first time together as well.

Truly yours,