Hiring a professional photographer for your child’s cake smash photos in Houston.

Yay or nay?

First of all, congratulations on the most exciting first birthday of your little love! Now let’s move on to why you need to hire a professional photographer to take your child’s first year portraits. Let me just say you must for the sake of your child get pictures of his or her first birthday including you, yes you, in them. I know, I know, you still have that baby weight to lose and those sleepless nights don’t look good on your face. I assure you not having pictures of your little family is what you will regret the most in the future. Plus, I’m a Photoshop guru and can make you look 15 years younger and 50 pounds skinnier all jokes aside.


First birthday photos shouldn’t be stressful on anyone especially you, the already exhausted young mom. That’s why we at Barberries Photography studio provide everything you need for the cake smash of your little one including props, outfits, cake and décor and even a fun bubble bath. You just need to show up with a happy baby and have fun.

houston cake smash photos

We have done many themes in the past and are open to your ideas and Pinterest boards. Our most popular theme is baby’s name custom set up. We’ve done lilies for Lillie, irises for Iris, trains for Thomas, summer blooms for Summer, and many more.


Every little cake smasher gets a tangible memory from our studio, no one leaves with just a USB drive. Our most popular keepsake is an heirloom acrylic album with a custom keepsake box for some of the 1st year treasures. We also offer some unique wall art pieces such as wood canvas & barn wood frames and metals and acrylics.

Let’s create memories together!

Houston Cake Smash Photographer | River Oaks, Montrose, Galleria | Safety First

Cake smash sessions at Barberries Photography consist of 2 sessions most of the time. It is a studio cake smash session in Houston (River Oaks area) with a bubble bath and an outdoors family and child portrait session using props and boutique outfits. Very often I hear from moms that unfortunately they can't use my props as they are not safe for their child to sit on unsupported, so I decided to write a quick post about safety. I will never ever ever let a child younger than 2 years old sit on the carousel horse or floral swing unsupported at any time. Not one second a baby is on a prop unsupported. I spend hours editing out parents and assistants to make sure the image is perfect and it is as nobody ever thinks those are all composites. Here are several examples of before and after shots.


The final image on the right took 3 images put together to create as mom was too close to the baby & was not easily edited out. 


I hope you enjoyed this little article and before and after edits. Safety first always!

Newborn poses are also composites most of the times it looks too pretty to be true :)

Houston Bluebonnet Photo Sessions in River Oaks area | Midtown | Upper Kirby | Rice Village | Galleria

Bluebonnet photo session is a must for my family every year. I love seeing my family grow through these beautiful images I get around Easter time every year. First images I have from this wonderful time of the year are from 10 years ago. We skipped one year as my youngest son was born 2 years ago right before Easter.

I've been offering bluebonnet photo sessions to my clients for 3 years now and love it! Can't wait for our next set of mini sessions this month. There is still time to sign up and great time too.

Just follow this link to book your spot, there is only one at each location

Houston Family Photographer: A "Going Away Photo Session"

This family contacted me about a going away photo session for their family. They wanted to forever remember their Houston home & the US. They wanted pictures of their house, their backyard & of course them being silly with those in the background. We had so much fun with the kids running around and jumping on their trampoline. I'm sure they will always remember their huge backyard. They were moving to France where, you know, backyards are not that big. 

I came to their home on the last day the kids were there before they flew to their grand parents home in France. Those were some bittersweet moments we were able to record forever.

My heart is happy because I know that since I provide my clients with a finished product, they will not forget their memories on some hard drive. This family will be flipping through pages of their beautiful photo album & remembering those days in sunny Texas. 


Using Sleeklens Portrait Perfection Collection

This post is about my experience using the Sleeklens Portrait Perfection Collection. I know that many of the moms that follow my page love taking pictures of their children. Most of the times you simply never have time to sit down (just like I never do too) and edit your family pictures. If you are just like that, then purchasing actions for Photoshop may be a good idea for you. That;s how I started learning photography! I bought a bunch of the most popular, and the most expensive sigh, actions & slowly learned how to use them properly. There are tons of different actions available for purchase & you most likely have heard about some of them already. 

Not too long ago I was contacted by the creator of Sleeklens Portrait Perfection Collection & offered her set of actions free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review of her product. I agreed as I was curious eventhough I don't use actions for my photography anymore. Since I am in Houston & our city got hit by Harvey, my photography business is experiencing a temporary slow period, so I had plenty of time to play. 

So here goes my review:

Love the actions! In about 1 minute I managed to completely edit a portrait that would otherwise have taken me at least 30 minutes. Most of the times I take up to 60 minutes per image. If you need a all-in-one action set, I highly recommend Sleeklens.

Here's direct links to the set if you decide to purchase:






Barberries Photography Now Offers The Original Photoblocks!

Barberries Photography is happy to announce new addition to their product list - the original wood Photoblocks


I've been dying to add these blocks to my product collection & finally made a decision to go with them. They are Gorgeous!! I couldn't believe my own eyes when I first saw it!

This is a unique product that you will cherish forever. There are many many options, shapes and sizes that Photoblocks come in. So, if you are interested please let me know and I will send you a full price list with examples. 

You will be blown away! Guaranteed!

photoblock-circle white wash.jpg

Houston Child Model Photographer |20 Nederland Mini Sessions

I know I'm guilty of not blogging enough... This time I am so overwhelmed with happiness and joy about how great my latest fashion mini sessions turned out! So I decided to shadow Haute Baby's blog post and create my own using my favorite pictures from the shoot.

Haute Baby clothing company that is based in Houston just launched a new project that is called Model Look Out. It is basically about travelling to local boutiques and taking pictures of the little girls and boys that are interested in modeling. Zandy Zoo's was the first boutique we went to. The store owner had picked 20 little girls to model for us. They were all perfect. I've never had such a pleasant photography experience in my life! Most of the girls were smiling non stop & just wanted to have fun. 

Don't you just love their sparkling eyes & genuine smiles? I had so much fun I can't even express what I feel! 

We have several more stores  in Texas that we plan to visit by the end of this year. And I couldn't be happier!

All the girls were wearing Haute Baby outfits that they bought at Zandy Zoo's.

All pictures by me Barberries Photography :)

Houston Child Photos : My Nicky

If you are one of Barberries Photography clients you know who Nicky is :) He is my wild, uncontrollable baby boy who is 2.5-years-old. Just like every photographer's child (haha), he hates being photographed. But he loves looking at the photographs on my computer screen. So, this is how I bribe him. We take his pictures only to look at them after.

Since we live in Houston, TX where summers get pretty hot & won't let us spend as much time outside I try to take Nicky out to a park nearby or at least our neighborhood playground. 

If I take Nicky to a photo session with me, he remembers the names of the kids. & when we look at the pictures after the session he names them all to me. I think this is SO so sweet.

What I regret not doing is not having my maternity pictures done. I only have several iphone pictures while I should have had beautiful professionally edited ones.

My advice to all moms and soon to be moms is take as many pictures of your growing babies and bellies. Time flies & soon your pictures will help you tell your family story to your children and their children.

Of course like every mommy thinks about her own child, I think he is pretty darn cute. I love him with all my heart & spend every minute I have with him.

He is growing so very fast & I'm glad I have about a gazillion pictures of him from birth to today.

CAN YOU TELL what his favorite thing to wear is? haha!


Book your child or family session today! Here's a link to request more information

Why I love being a child photographer in Houston

For me being a child photographer is not about the actual photo shoot, it is about getting to know new people, meet many beautiful faces and souls. I love the process of selecting models, getting to know more about them and their families. I am a boy mom with 3 boys (4 now) and always wanted a girl. So, photographing little girls brings me joy and lets me feel how blessed girl moms are. I love how many new friendships my photography business gives me & try to keep in touch with all my clients. Modeling is becoming more and more popular these days and many moms are trying to get their daughters into boutique modeling as soon as they are born. Now that fall fashion collections are done and are in the process of sewing right now and spring 2016 fashions are not quite ready yet, I get to photograph more families and model portfolios than when I'm busy photographing or editing for Haute Baby. 

This season was a bit crazy but I am very thankful for it. And now that it is a transition period between seasons I miss the rush. Of course there will be another season & more beautiful faces shining with happiness and pride!

Zara, modeling for Zulily

Zara, modeling for Zulily

Haute Baby Fashion Fall '15 |Houston Photographer

Apart from hectic weather, Haute Baby shoot for their phase II AW15 collections went very smoothly. I had to spend a little more time retouching red noses & blue hands but it was worth it! I love our final product! Haute Baby Fall Fashion 2015 Catalog is so amazing: filled with happy faces & genuine smiles. This is why I love my job as a photographer